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Restaurant & Bar

Est. 2023

Fire Cooking. Story Telling.

Our love for fire and story telling has led to the creation of VUUR.

VUUR, the Afrikaans word for fire, is the main form of cooking used in the preparation of all the food items during your dining experience at VUUR. 

Each plate of food is delicately paired with a wine from Remhoogte Estate and served straight from the fire to your table.

We believe in offering the experience to only one group at a time, thus we offer a private dining experience for yourself, your family or friends.

We are lucky to be surrounded by nature and have wildlife on our doorstep, sometimes you can even see them from the dining table.

VUUR - Remhoogte Wines.JPG

Food combined with
estates wines

We pair our 7 course menu with Remhoogte Estate Wines, the place we call home. 

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